Our Cause

How we got started…

Tropical Penguin Clothing started with the simple idea of providing quality clothing to consumers, with a purpose. We grew from there expanding our goals to making sure we give back to the world and the environment. We wanted to create something that inspired people to do something better. We created a brand that was inspired by penguins in an effort to give back to the preservation efforts of the Penguin populations.

Tropical Penguin Brand Clothing is dedicated to helping with the preservation of the Galapagos Penguin population. A portion of our sales are donated to the World Wildlife Fund and other charitable organizations in such efforts. Penguins provide much more than smiles to the world, as they also help with both land and sea ecosystems. Seeing the decline of their populations can also affect the world around us. We are dedicated to do what we can to help. Here at Tropical Penguin we appreciate what you do, to help us reach our goals. You can find more on this foundation and their Penguin preservation efforts at, https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/galapagos-penguin

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