Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

Summer is finally in full swing, and now we all have the opportunity to catch up on the latest summer clothes for women. If you’re like me, summer is one of the most difficult months for fashion. I would much rather hide in the many layers that Fall and Winter provide rather than try and figure out how to still look put-together with so few practical options. Even if you struggle through the hot summer months, have no fear. There are plenty of practical options and unique ideas that the 2019 fashion season has brought us. Read on for 10 of the hottest summer fashion trends for 2019.

1. “Sensible” Shorts

While these are more of a style choice than practically “sensible”, they still provide the benefit of allowing a stylish short that still looks cute in a variety of outfits. Whether they’re tailored, pleated (yes, pleated), or athletic, there are a ton of great short options available from some of the best online boutiques around. Try pairing shorts like these with a light, breezy button-down or a simple cuffed t-shirt. These strike the perfect balance between practical and feminine. Khaki or stone grey are two great, versatile color options for these shorts.

2. Minimal Strap Sandals

These sandals are great because they provide an elegant, sleek look without being too formal or too casual. They are great when paired with a simple pair of light-wash jeans and a pocket t-shirt, or with a simple summer dress. They’re also available in a heel form, adding extra class. Strap sandals can be worn in a variety of colors, but start off with a simple black leather tone pair.

3. Tie-Dye

Maybe it never really left, or maybe it’s back with a vengeance. Either way, tie-dye is back for the summer season. While you certainly could pull it off in t-shirt form (although that’s a little reminiscent of homemade tie-dye kits that proliferated in the early 2000s), it’s also a great choice for women’s swimwear. A woman’s one-piece swimsuit in a tie-dye pattern is a great and unique option for the summer season. Tie-dye is the perfect fun print for the summer season.

4. Western Prints

Animal prints like cheetah have always been in style in some way, but this season we’re seeing a resurgence of this popular trend with a western flavor. The best part about this look is that it toes the line of fun and elegant seamlessly. Some of the best online boutiques feature snake-print summer clothes for women. Be sure to mix this print with a more subdued style choice. For instance, if you wear snake-print pants, try pairing them with a simple white blouse. This trend can also be applied to accessories like purses and handbags.

5. Puffy Sleeves

Nope, they didn’t disappear yet. Puffy sleeves are back. This style of shirt is gaining popularity among the most popular fashion designers and icons across the country. Puffy sleeves also provide practical benefits of being a bit cooler than the average t-shirt. Try these with white jeans or pants, or even the aforementioned shorts. Puffy sleeves are a great way to contrast “high” style sensibilities with edgier, more simple style.

6. Subtle Neon

While no one needs to go back to the early 2000’s trend of bright neon tracksuits, a touch of neon in a tasteful application can be a great way to add interest to an outfit. Women’s beach t-shirts are a great application for this style. Women’s beach t-shirts are known for being a little campy or tacky, but finding a solid print shirt with a touch of neon is a great way to redeem that idea. Adding a touch of neon to any women’s swimwear piece is a great way to stand out. If you really want to bring back the all-over neon look, find its more tame counterpart in the full 80’s tracksuit trend.

7. Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are a simple, one-piece canvass dress made to be sustainable and elegant. These dresses are great because they’re super simple to style, are good for the environment, and are a great starting point for any woman’s minimalist wardrobe. This style is best worn in cool, earthy tones like slate green or nude. Shift dresses are the perfect effortless silhouette for summer. Shift dresses are great when worn to an outdoor formal event or a summer wedding. They can also be dressed up or down with the appropriate accessories.

8. Wallpaper Prints

I can’t believe this trend hasn’t caught on sooner. Wallpaper prints – prints on clothes that look like they came straight from an early 1800’s wallpaper – are fun and elegant at the same time. They’re great on a women’s one-piece swimsuit. Wallpaper prints are great when placed on a white background in a simple dress or even a t-shirt. This is a far more elegant option than the common trend of women’s tropical t-shirts.

9. Biker Shorts

This trend puts the comfort back at the centerpiece of women’s fashion. Perfect for running errands, walking about the city, or actually biking, these shorts are simple enough to wear with just about anything. Try pairing it with a simple white button-down. Women’s tropical t-shirts also make a great pairing with these shorts. They can also be worn with a simple heel or strap sandals, as well as all-white sneakers.

10. Knit Tanks

While it might be a surprising material to find in a tank top, these simple shirts are both breezy and extremely comfortable. They perfectly balance the need for a soft, breathable top with enough weight to handle a chilly apartment interior. Knit tanks are a great option to pair with skirts of all varieties. They go particularly well with a pair of ripped light-washed jeans and flats.

Whether you choose to prioritize comfort this summer or make every outfit a statement, there are plenty of great on-trend options to choose from this season. Be sure to find the trends that suit your personal style.