Beach towels

Beach Towels
You might imagine penguins surrounded by ice and snow, but many of them spend a lot of time on the beach! Our range of beautiful beach towels gives you what you need for fun and comfort on the beach. Whether you’re sharing the beach with a few penguins or just with other people, a good beach towel is a must. We offer large, quality beach towels in a range of designs. This gives you a wide range of choices for your next beach trip. Our large beach towels measure 30″x60″ and are a high-quality cotton and polyester blend.

Quality Selection
Choose from a colorful selection of designs chosen to give you towels that are more than just practical. Take a stylish towel to the beach when you select a design from our beautiful prints, ranging from stripes to animals and flowers. Our beach towels are printed in bright and vibrant colors using quality printing techniques on one side of the towel. They’re just what you need for a sunny beach day if you want the color and design to last a while..
Our beach towels are just as good in the bathroom, but they’re specially designed for a beach or poolside environment. They’re perfect for spreading out and lying on top of them when you’re in the sun, giving you somewhere comfortable to lie away from the sand or other hot surfaces. The non-printed side of the towel is made from terry fabric, which makes the towel more absorbent. So when you’re ready to step out of the shower, the pool or the ocean, your towel will be waiting for you so that you can dry off properly. The large size of our towels means you can wrap them around you too.

Although our towels are large, they can still fold up compactly and are light to carry. They weigh only just over 400g (14oz) so they’re certainly not an inconvenience to put in your beach bag. Whip it out when you arrive at your destination, and the weight is still enough to help you lay it out easily. Our beach towels are excellent value, offering you affordable towels for all the family. Buy yourself one as a special treat or stock up on beach towels at home. Made with 52% cotton and 48% polyester, they’re excellent quality and will last a long time.

Giving Back
Every time you buy one of our stylish beach towels, you will be helping to preserve the penguin population. We give a portion of our sales to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and other charitable organizations in order to contribute to their conservation efforts. Combine one of our soft beach towels with one of our tote bags, or an awesome tanktop to make sure you have all that you need to go to the beach. We keep our prices affordable so that you can help the penguins and save money.

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