Clothing Companies That Go the Extra Mile and Give Back

The phrase “money talks” has always been associated with big money makers, but the reality is everyone has power if they wield it effectively.

Even people with small dollars can have a significant impact on the world, and all it takes is investing time to make financially wise decisions. Thankfully, there are companies out there that want people to take that power and channel it towards good causes in a simple way: by buying things people already buy.

One industry that is doing this is the clothing industry. There are a number of charitable clothing companies out there attempting to help people give a little more by buying a cool shirt or other similar necessities.

If there ever was an easy way to give back, it is by buying from a company that gives back on behalf of the customer. The following are a few examples of companies with a big heart that understand the value of giving.


This company is as heavenly as the name implies because it tries to switch up every seven days by focusing on a new charity. The company actively looks for charities and ensures that seven dollars from every purchase goes to the charity the clothing line belongs to.

Most of the clothing has slogans that are cleverly linked to the causes they represent. Some of the lines have focused on ending human trafficking, while others have focused on preserving nature.

People who are interested in giving back and showing it should definitely consider becoming patrons of Sevenly. There is bound to be a cause or several causes that might be of interest to a person.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida or Pure Life is a company based out of Costa Rica. The company embraces the idea of simplicity with every accessory design. Their most popular accessory is the bracelet, which tells the whole world the wearer is embracing the concept of living in the moment.

It tells everyone the wearer is willing to slow down, and enjoy the beauty tucked away in those moments most people seem to ignore. The bracelets and other accessories are simplistic enough to add a touch of understated style to any outfit.

Buyers also love that the company gives back in several ways. For one, the company only hires artisans, which means each accessory supports locals. The company also does its best to give to all sorts of charities, like cancer prevention organizations to suicide prevention organizations, just to name a few.

Amaani Collective

Amaani Collective is an exclusive jewelry line of beautiful earrings and other pieces that would look wonderful on anyone. The great thing about this company is its philosophy and how involved they are with the people of Uganda.

The company hires women and uses their earnings to help these women get ahead in life by furthering their education. Customers who give this company a chance should feel happy knowing they get to be a part of a movement in Uganda that is allowing women to gain more control and power in their lives.

Of course, each piece is meticulously handmade, ensuring the buyer he or she will get a piece that is unique. This purchase is more than just an opportunity to wear something unique, and those with big hearts can probably see that.

Tropical Penguin Clothing

Penguins are going through a lot right now. Their habitat is in danger as more ice caps continue to melt off due to global warming. This is not only chewing away at their shelter; it is also making it harder for them to find food.

The problem penguins are facing feels monumental, and it could make people feel helpless, but that is not the case, especially if a large amount of people decide to help. The Tropical Penguin Clothing company took this concept and created its line of ethically-made clothes.

A portion of the company’s revenue goes towards organizations that want to preserve these magnificent creatures.

A customer can buy penguin shirts like Ivory Ella and feel great because he or she knows a portion of the purchase will go towards saving a penguin or two. Some customers who really love the idea of binding together to help further this cause have purchased some of our penguin clothing to give away to friends or family members.


Serengetee is another one of these amazing charitable clothing companies that helps customers do more. The company focuses on making sure every item is made from fabrics from around the world.

The founders knew that artisans around the world who focused on ancient ways of producing fabric actually help their communities. Most of these artisans are simple people who do not own large companies but rather self-employed artists trying to do their best for their families.

The company takes the fabrics collected and makes everything from hats, tees, to camera holders. The company even sends information about how the money spent in the shop was used so that customers can feel more connected to the causes they have supported.

Visible Clothing

The Visible Clothing company is tackling another issue that many poverty-stricken countries face: unfair working conditions. There are many big box companies out there taking advantage of people’s living situations and exploiting them to make clothes they can sell cheaply in the United States and around the world.

Some of these working conditions are terrible and quite dangerous. There are even a few companies linked to child labor. Visible Clothing wants customers to feel they’re doing their part to fight these practices by purchasing clothing that can be traced back to the worker who was treated fairly and paid well.

The company works with great designers that have created a number of lines; for example the company carries a uniform line for regular workers, and it also carries business suits. The charitable company also has a lingerie line and lines for men, women, and children.

Gurus Natural Sandals

Many people do not know that rubber is natural. It can be collected from a specific tree and made into almost anything, including beautiful sandals, like the ones sold by Gurus Natural Sandals.

The company is committed to creating sustainable products from farms that do things right in India. Each pair not only supports local farms and families in India but also promises to plant a tree for each pair of sandals that is purchased through the site. This is a great way to give back while also wearing sandals that are a little closer to nature and designed well.

It should be pointed out that the farms where the rubber is harvested takes a minimalist approach to the way they cultivate and process the rubber.

Not only are the farms careful when it comes to the wildlife nearby; they also use the sun drying method to process the rubber rather than techniques that could end up polluting the earth. Some might find it hard to believe that a pair of sandals could actually mean so much more, but Gurus Natural Sandals has done exactly that.


The fashion industry has done a lot to hurt the environment and people. Good companies like LemLem are doing their part with the help of customers to combat some of the wrongs this industry has committed. This particular company was started by Liya Kibede, who is a supermodel and actress.

It seems like Kebede wanted to find a way to keep the ancient weaving traditions of the women in Ethiopia alive. She wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to do that, but she came up with LemLem, which gave her the opportunity to use those ancient traditions, giving women from Ethiopia an opportunity to continue their work, and give eco-conscious people and opportunity to do more for the world through fashion.

The company launched in 2007 and has been going strong, which has made Kebede quite proud because she knows this has empowered local women. It allows them to attain financial freedom, which helps some of them take additional steps in their lives.

The clothing made by the company is handmade, and they use natural cotton that is comfortable to wear. The lines the company has introduced have all been quite stylish and timeless, making this company a great option for forward-thinking fashionistas.

These are just some of the companies out there doing their best to give back and allow customers to contribute to a good cause. The causes mentioned here vary, but hopefully, that means readers can find more causes to give back to through their choices, which is the point. Charitable companies like these continue to grow, so the likelihood that more will pop up is high, so interested consumers should keep an eye out.