Best Items to Add to Your Wardrobe for the Fall

Fall is officially here and that means it’s time for hot coffee, back-to-back holidays, and a new wardrobe! As the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, you’ll want to fill your closet with items that will keep you feeling warm and looking good. Hooded sweatshirts, tall boots, fleece-lined leggings, and classy mock turtlenecks are a few of the items you should acquire to see you through this season.

Hooded Sweatshirts

One of the most versatile items you can have in your wardrobe any time of year is a hooded sweatshirt, or “hoodie”. Whether it’s a brand new Penguin Brand hoodie from Tropical Penguin Clothing or a soft, worn-in hoodie you’ve snatched from someone else’s collection, you will want a hoodie to get you through the fall.

Hoodies are great for wearing to relax, exercise, or get errands done. They can be worn over thinner shirts to add warmth, and they pair well with most casual outfits. A penguin brand hoodie or some penguin apparel from Tropical Penguin Clothing can be one of the most functional items in your wardrobe if you really think about it.

Riding Boots

Nothing says fall like the arrival of new boot styles! While ankle boots are super cute and thigh-highs are always sexy, it’s the Riding boot style you’ll want to include in your Fall wardrobe. These usually reach calf or knee height and work great with leggings and skinny jeans.

Tall boots are a great idea in fall and winter because they add extra protection to your feet and legs. Your boots won’t be submerged in puddles or snow like flats would be, and they keep your feet nice and dry no matter the weather. They also look good with pants, dresses, and skirts!

Fleece-Lined Leggings

Leggings are great all year long. They are versatile and pair with dresses, long shirts, shorts, and even work well by themselves. They slide easily into boots or cap off flats, and they are extremely comfortable.

For the warmer months, you may want thin or capri-length leggings to help you stay cool. During the fall and winter, you’ll want to up your leggings game, however. You can find them made out of thicker material and also lined with soft fleece. This makes them warm and super soft. You’ll want to live in these leggings!

Mock Turtle Necks

Depending on what area you are in, fall may already be bringing in those Winter chills, or it may be just slightly cooler than the rest of the year. A turtle-neck might be a bit hardcore for temperatures that haven’t dropped that much. That is where a nice mock turtleneck comes in!

These types of shirts cover some of your neck but still let you show off a bit of skin. Mock turtle necks can keep you pretty warm though, even if they aren’t as extreme as a regular turtleneck shirt. They usually have long sleeves but come in a variety of materials, so they can be thin as a t-shirt. They pair well with jeans and boots and help take your look from Frisky Summer Fun to Classy Fall Fashion.


Nothing tops off a cute Fall outfit quite like a cute Fall hat. Beanies are a great way to keep your head warm and to add some extra flair to your ensemble. They come in lots of different colors and styles and can work with just about any hairstyle. Or if you are having a bad hair day, you can just cover it with your hat!

Beanies are made with many different materials and can fit close to the head or be made with extra length to give you that “slouch” look. They are great for covering the tops of ears when it is cold out. A beanie can also protect your hair from rain and wind. Paired with a great scarf they can keep you looking good and feeling cozy throughout the Fall months.


Like leggings, sweatpants are often one of the most comfortable items in your clothing collection. They are soft, warm, and great for lounging around the house or going outside to do chores. Some made by certain companies also have a fleece lining to provide extra comfort during the colder months.

Sweatpants may not be great office attire, but they will serve you well for the rest of the time. If you don’t want to get dressed up to leave the house on errands or to go to the gym, your sweatpants will have you covered. Quite literally and figuratively! They can also be used to add an extra layer over leggings if you live in an area where your weather seems to be skipping fall and heading straight into winter.

So get shopping our cold-weather selection of unisex sweatshirts, beanies, colorful leggings and much more, to keep yourself hot, even on the coldest days.

Baby penguin standing

Different charities that work to help the environment

Charities impacting the environment

In an era where governments and corporations across the world devastate the environment and develop raw natural resources for their own profit, it is up to a handful of charities to help educate people about the problems such practices create. From a focus on the earth to its farming lands, some are concerned with helping people as well as the landscape while others focus on the largest area by volume–the sea. In all cases, their work results in benefits that will be felt for years. That said, some charities do more work with greater results than some might have ever imagined because the world’s preservation is our survival.

1. Earth Day Network

As the world’s largest environmental movement, Earth Day Network (EDN) has worked tirelessly over the past 50 years to educate, diversify, and mobilize the environmental movement across the globe. Although EDN is the main organization involved in Earth Day, it also is a driving force in a variety of projects, such as fighting against deforestation, raising awareness regarding climate change, and restoring the tree canopy in urban settings. To achieve these goals, staff and volunteers work via a combination of public policy, consumer campaigns, and education.

How does it help the ecosystem?
The Earth Day Network is responsible for breakthrough legislation, such as the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and the Clean Air Act. Pollution in our water and air makes water unsafe to drink, our air unsafe to breathe, and puts our wildlife in jeopardy. New legislation championed by EDN has led to a significant decrease in the pollution of our water and air.

2. Environmental Working Group

Best known for their release of the annual “Dirty Dozen”, this environmental group focuses on informing the public about pesticide concentrations in conventionally grown foods. The Dirty Dozen is a list that ranks from the highest to the lowest concentration levels the amount of pesticide on our produce. In addition, this non-profit and non-partisan organization’s mission is to empower individuals to enjoy healthier lives and healthier environments. To achieve this mission, Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) activities include breakthrough public education, which results in informed choices and informed environmental actions within the communities.

Comprised of scientists, lawyers, and policymakers, EWG makes sure that you are informed on a multitude of health and environmental issues. They disseminate this information to the public through such avenues as communication campaigns, mobile apps, and their online database where you can learn about a variety of things that have the potential to negatively impact our environment and your health.
– fracking
– genetically modified organism (GMO)
– pesticides
– tap water
– household cleaners
They also provide information on large agribusinesses that utilize your tax dollars and explain why this occurs.

How does it help the ecosystem?
EWG helps to protect and educate the public by empowering consumers to make informed decisions in numerous areas of their lives, including which companies to support. In fact, in response to consumer pressure, many companies have changed their practices and now provide more environmentally friendly products.

3. Marine Conservation Institute

More and more, marine life is being threatened by climate change and pollution. For instance, plastic dumped in our oceans has resulted in the suffocation, starvation, and drowning of fish, seabirds, and sea turtles. In response, the Marine Conservation Institute was founded to protect the Earth’s largest life support system–our oceans.
In addition to providing 50 percent of the oxygen we breathe and stores 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere, a healthy marine system is vital for our well-being, health, and survival. Additionally, ocean-dependent businesses provide employment for almost three million people while the ocean itself provides an essential ingredient for medications and a variety of foods. One of the main goals of this group is to identify and advocate for marine ecosystems in need of protection.

How does it help the ecosystem?
An integral part of the success of this organization is its willingness to partner with others. As such, one of their main goals, the Blue Parks Award, is to develop a worldwide system to protect marine life and ensure its diversity continues into the future. For instance, they are actively involved in the California Seamounts Coalition, an organization dedicated to protect deep-sea marine life living off the coast of California. In addition, the Marine Conservation Institute is actively involved in preserving our oceans’ coral ecosystems. Finally, one of their main projects, Global Ocean Refuge System, is an internationally collaborative, science-based effort to mobilize efforts to protect–at a minimum–30 percent of the Earth’s oceans by 2030.

4. Friends of the Earth

Made up of a variety of autonomous organizations, Friends of the Earth work together to understand and act upon the causes of our most pressing environmental issues. This democratic group is made up of 73 members from different countries. The members meet every two years for one week to discuss the organization’s policies and decide on which environmental problems to address.

How does it help the ecosystem?
Friends of the Earth are involved in a myriad of environmental issues, such as campaigns against the use of neonicotinoid pesticides that kills bees. Bees are responsible for helping to pollinate our plants. Without their help, many plant populations would decline, and with this decline comes a decline in our oxygen supply, many of our food sources, and many animal habitats. Plants also help to regulate our climate and control the world’s water supply.
Another main concern of this charity is to stop the havoc the production of palm oil wreaks on the environment. For instance, the production of palm oil is largely responsible for Indonesian deforestation, which has resulted in the destruction of habitats and contributes to climate change. Additionally, wastewater from palm oil factories releases methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas and is 34 times more powerful in its ability to absorb the heat from the sun than carbon dioxide, both of which result in warming of the atmosphere. As the atmosphere warms, it impacts rainfall amounts, evaporation, and snowfall volume. In turn, these changes impact our water supply as well as the quality of our water by accelerating water pollution due to the increase in water temperatures.

5. Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy is dedicated to promoting ocean health by advocating for the cessation of such things as offshore drilling, an activity that has a long history of catastrophic failure. Additionally, members are dedicated to educating people on a whole host of threats, such as algae bloom and ongoing water pollution. Finally, they are dedicated to helping limit ocean trash, which gets broken down into micro-particles, which fish and ocean mammals often consume.
Looking forward, they also maintain a loud voice against global warming and the pending effect on Florida’s coast. As sea waters rise, both human and animal costs will be in the billions.

How does it help the ecosystem?
Ocean conservancy organizes environmental clean-up efforts for its volunteers, and they also help volunteers donate their time and efforts to sanctuaries for injured wildlife. Finally, they work hard to patrol beaches and identify and protect Sea Turtle nests. Through their ongoing efforts, they have a wide, positive impact across the entire Florida coast, helping to protect is wildlife through cleaning efforts and setting up safe zones for their young.

6. Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance helps educate the world about the importance of the Earth’s lungs, which clean the air and help oxygenate the atmosphere. Additionally, they help people understand the impact thriving rainforests have on the stability of the global weather systems, helping to absorb light, alter wind patterns, and impact ocean currents. Without them, the earth’s already increasing temperatures will accelerate, impacting wildlife and the millions of native inhabitants that call rainforests home.
However, their primary focus is the inhabitants of threatened environments like the rainforests. By helping to educate and support farmers, they help communities survive in harsh farming environments by increasing sustainable practices.

How does it help the ecosystem?
The Alliance’s efforts help to increase the sustainability of existing farmland across 130 countries and have resulted in such things as increased supply chain for the all-important banana market in Columbia. They have managed to create sustainable farming practices for over 7,000,000 hectares and in doing so have helped communities acquire a foothold in the rainforests without destroying valuable limited resources.

What can you do to help?
There are tons of different environmentally conscious charities out there. All of which are looking for citizens to help in their efforts by donating their money or their time. Topical Penguin Clothing works to give back to charities such as this, by donating 10% of our profits. If you’re interested in giving back to the environment, then head over to our shop and see if any penguin apparel that jumps out!

What’s endangering the Penguin population

What’s endangering the Penguin population

Always appearing to be dressed for a black-tie affair, penguins are a beloved bird species. Waddling, but never flying, they are aquatic birds that live almost solely in the southern hemisphere. A few types of penguins live in temperate climates such as the Galapagos penguins which live near the equator. Splitting their time almost equally between land and water, many penguins are facing various threats that compromise their continued existence. Dangers such as predators, weather, fishing, and their own cumbersome movements contribute to their endangerment.

The various threats for Penguins

Climate Change

Climate change is the variation in temperatures and weather conditions in differing parts of the earth. Higher than usual temperatures in places such as Antartica have caused damage to the natural habitat of penguins there. Typically using ice to build nests and find food, penguins are facing limited resources as large amounts of ice melt. Where penguins could at one time find hiding spaces and tools for feeding themselves, now their resources are more limited.


Hunting and fishing are also high on the list of dangers that threaten the lives and existence of penguins. Oftentimes penguins are “bycatch”, or animals not intended to be caught, in the nets of local fishermen. When penguins are caught in nets, they are not able to resurface for the air they need to breathe and often drown. Another problem brought about by fishing is the overfishing of anchovies, which is the Humboldt penguins’ favorite food source. Reducing the amount of their food source is yet another reason for the reduction in the penguin population. Though not as common now, sometimes penguins are hunted for their fat and other body parts. In past eras, millions of penguins were killed for use of their fat, flesh, bones, and skin.

Various predatory animals

Penguins find themselves in a vulnerable situation when they can not quickly escape from predators. Though they are agile and accomplished swimmers, they are not as speedy on land, and though they have wings and feathers, penguins are flightless birds. These bodily limitations put them at risk in the face of predators such as leopard seals and sea lions. Killer whales also hunt for penguins though they are not a typical diet for these mammals.

Unsuspecting predators of penguins are what can be called “introduced predators.” Cats, dogs, snakes, foxes and other animals brought from other cultures and climates often feed on the eggs and chicks of penguins. Seagulls and even pumas have been known to prey on penguins making their list of potential predators quite extensive. Even their breeding habits make them susceptible to endangerment since they only lay one or two eggs a season. Because of this, they are not able to replace high losses in their population quickly. Not only that but penguin guano, used in some fertilizers, is often over-harvested leaving nests that rely on a buildup of guano destroyed.

Man-made infrastructure

Increased global travel and tourism is another contributing factor to the endangerment of penguins. The building of roads, bridges, and new buildings sometimes destroy their natural habitats. Being too up close and personal with people touring through their habitats also brings change to their living patterns and eventual damage to those spaces.


Finally, pollution and contamination of oceans and shorelines provide many dangers to penguins. Trash that is dumped from ships or finds its way into the ocean from the shoreline often finds its way into the bodies of penguins causing an array of injuries, illnesses, and danger. Oil spills disrupt the natural ability of a penguin’s feathers leaving it susceptible to hypothermia and a lack of waterproofing.

Changes in weather patterns and temperatures, varying types of predators, over-fishing, poaching, tourism, and pollution are among the many factors that contribute to the endangerment of penguins. Thankfully, there are also many organizations that put effort into protecting them and educating others about their unique needs and beloved characteristics. These are just some of the issues that are endangering Penguin populations, but we can keep our efforts moving forward and hopefully, our tuxedo loving and feathered friends will continue to thrive because of these initiatives.

If you want to help these awesome little creatures, check out our penguin brand shop! 10% of all profits go to conservation efforts working to preserve the Penguin populations. We strive on being a charitable clothing company and giving back to the world we live in.

Things to do in the summer

Things to do in the Summer

A Summer to-do list

The summer months do not last forever. That’s exactly why people should take advantage of the warm weather they have left. If you want to reach for the stars during the summertime, there are all sorts of activity options that may work out for you. The summer is a time for experimentation, enjoying yourself and not taking things too seriously.

1. Take on D.I.Y. Home Renovation Projects

The summer season is always a great excuse to tackle some basic home renovation and remodeling projects. If your exterior paint is chipping, you may want to redo it. You should zero in on home projects that are simple and that don’t call for substantial time commitments.

2. Go on a Road Trip

Warm weather can give you a feeling of freedom that’s indispensable. Use the Summer as a chance to go on a brief road trip with a close friend. Head somewhere scenic and that doesn’t necessarily require a lot of travel time.

3. Throw a Yard Sale

Are you interested in perhaps doing some summertime “spring cleaning?” If you are, then you may want to use the warm weather as an opening to organize a classic garage sale for the weekend.

4. Make Picnicking a Priority

Eating outdoors can be refreshing and relaxing. It can be particularly soothing to eat outdoors in a picturesque setting. Try picnicking in a lovely location during the summertime. A nearby community park may be ideal.

5. Take Your exercise Outdoors!

Exercise routines and the summer months go hand in hand. If you want to take your physical fitness to the next level, you should think about jogging at local parks any time you get the chance.

6. Read Out in the Sun

Basking in the gentle glow of the sun can be a joy. Just make sure to apply sunblock prior to doing so. You can go out into your backyard any time you want to read, nap or simply think about the direction of your life.

7. Take Up a Brand New Hobby

The summer is a season that’s often associated with excitement and new beginnings. It’s similar to the Spring in that sense. If you want to take full advantage of your Summer, you should use it as an opportunity to start a brand new hobby or pastime.

8. Go on Outdoor Strolls

The summer can be an amazing opportunity to get acquainted with your neighborhood and its residents. If you want to get to know your community better, you can go on frequent outdoor strolls during the summertime.

9. Spend the Day at a Theme Park

Theme park visits can be exhilarating. They can also help you blow off steam. You can revel in the summer season by visiting a theme park at least once. Partake in games, roller coaster rides, contests and beyond.

10. Be a Parade Spectator

Parades are thrilling. They also in many cases symbolize the sheer joy of the summer season. It can be a pleasure to hang out outside in the company of seemingly countless other enthusiastic spectators. Make a point to attend a local parade that encapsulates the joy of the warm season.

11. Relish Outdoor Entertainment

The summer season tends to be chock-full of live entertainment options. There are many festivals and fairs that are centered around musical performances, dancers and more. You should go above and beyond to attend these kinds of events. Listening to live music outdoors in the fresh air can be an incredible feeling for anyone.

12. Put Together a Barbecue

Eating outside can be fun. It can be a lot of fun to organize a barbecue in the comfort of your own backyard. Ask all of your friends and family members when they’re free to hang out in your backyard for a few hours or so.

13. Pick Some Fruit

The summer is a season that’s all about tasty fruits of all varieties. If you want your summer to be a bona fide success, then you should take part in a classic fruit picking session. Try your hand at picking raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or peaches.

14. Host a Pool Party

You may be lucky enough to own your own swimming pool. If you are, then you should do everyone you know a huge favor. You should organize and host a classic pool party. Make a point to serve irresistible refreshments as well. Terrific snacks and beverages can go a long way.

15. Learn Something New

People often have spare time during the summer months. If you’re fortunate enough to have a little extra time to yourself, you should prioritize education. Try to learn a new language. Read literature that’s of world-class caliber. Expand your horizons in any way.

16. Try Meditation and Yoga

The summer can be amazing for people who want to establish connections between their bodies and minds. It can be amazing for those who wish to take things more slowly as well. If you’re in those camps, you should begin meditation and yoga sessions. These activities can benefit mental clarity significantly.

17. Try a Hot Air Balloon Journey

Hot air balloon journeys aren’t solely for kids. They can be eye-opening for people who are full of wonder regardless of age. Take in the summer scenery with the assistance of a breathtaking hot air balloon ride.

18. Concentrate on Your Health

The summer is all about wellness. Use it is a chance to revamp your dietary habits. Try to concentrate on eating balanced and nutritious foods.

19. Reconnect With Old Buddies

Try to reconnect with people you’ve lost touch with in the past. Make arrangements to meet them for coffee, lunch and for hanging out in general.

20. Soak Up Culture

There are all sorts of engaging and memorable cultural opportunities accessible to people during the summer months. Watch classical music performances. Head to art galleries. Check out museums that pique your interest substantially as well.

If you want to find some awesome Summer clothes to look good while you’re enjoying some new summer adventures, then head to our Online boutique and get to shopping!

Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

Summer is finally in full swing, and now we all have the opportunity to catch up on the latest summer clothes for women. If you’re like me, summer is one of the most difficult months for fashion. I would much rather hide in the many layers that Fall and Winter provide rather than try and figure out how to still look put-together with so few practical options. Even if you struggle through the hot summer months, have no fear. There are plenty of practical options and unique ideas that the 2019 fashion season has brought us. Read on for 10 of the hottest summer fashion trends for 2019.

1. “Sensible” Shorts

While these are more of a style choice than practically “sensible”, they still provide the benefit of allowing a stylish short that still looks cute in a variety of outfits. Whether they’re tailored, pleated (yes, pleated), or athletic, there are a ton of great short options available from some of the best online boutiques around. Try pairing shorts like these with a light, breezy button-down or a simple cuffed t-shirt. These strike the perfect balance between practical and feminine. Khaki or stone grey are two great, versatile color options for these shorts.

2. Minimal Strap Sandals

These sandals are great because they provide an elegant, sleek look without being too formal or too casual. They are great when paired with a simple pair of light-wash jeans and a pocket t-shirt, or with a simple summer dress. They’re also available in a heel form, adding extra class. Strap sandals can be worn in a variety of colors, but start off with a simple black leather tone pair.

3. Tie-Dye

Maybe it never really left, or maybe it’s back with a vengeance. Either way, tie-dye is back for the summer season. While you certainly could pull it off in t-shirt form (although that’s a little reminiscent of homemade tie-dye kits that proliferated in the early 2000s), it’s also a great choice for women’s swimwear. A woman’s one-piece swimsuit in a tie-dye pattern is a great and unique option for the summer season. Tie-dye is the perfect fun print for the summer season.

4. Western Prints

Animal prints like cheetah have always been in style in some way, but this season we’re seeing a resurgence of this popular trend with a western flavor. The best part about this look is that it toes the line of fun and elegant seamlessly. Some of the best online boutiques feature snake-print summer clothes for women. Be sure to mix this print with a more subdued style choice. For instance, if you wear snake-print pants, try pairing them with a simple white blouse. This trend can also be applied to accessories like purses and handbags.

5. Puffy Sleeves

Nope, they didn’t disappear yet. Puffy sleeves are back. This style of shirt is gaining popularity among the most popular fashion designers and icons across the country. Puffy sleeves also provide practical benefits of being a bit cooler than the average t-shirt. Try these with white jeans or pants, or even the aforementioned shorts. Puffy sleeves are a great way to contrast “high” style sensibilities with edgier, more simple style.

6. Subtle Neon

While no one needs to go back to the early 2000’s trend of bright neon tracksuits, a touch of neon in a tasteful application can be a great way to add interest to an outfit. Women’s beach t-shirts are a great application for this style. Women’s beach t-shirts are known for being a little campy or tacky, but finding a solid print shirt with a touch of neon is a great way to redeem that idea. Adding a touch of neon to any women’s swimwear piece is a great way to stand out. If you really want to bring back the all-over neon look, find its more tame counterpart in the full 80’s tracksuit trend.

7. Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are a simple, one-piece canvass dress made to be sustainable and elegant. These dresses are great because they’re super simple to style, are good for the environment, and are a great starting point for any woman’s minimalist wardrobe. This style is best worn in cool, earthy tones like slate green or nude. Shift dresses are the perfect effortless silhouette for summer. Shift dresses are great when worn to an outdoor formal event or a summer wedding. They can also be dressed up or down with the appropriate accessories.

8. Wallpaper Prints

I can’t believe this trend hasn’t caught on sooner. Wallpaper prints – prints on clothes that look like they came straight from an early 1800’s wallpaper – are fun and elegant at the same time. They’re great on a women’s one-piece swimsuit. Wallpaper prints are great when placed on a white background in a simple dress or even a t-shirt. This is a far more elegant option than the common trend of women’s tropical t-shirts.

9. Biker Shorts

This trend puts the comfort back at the centerpiece of women’s fashion. Perfect for running errands, walking about the city, or actually biking, these shorts are simple enough to wear with just about anything. Try pairing it with a simple white button-down. Women’s tropical t-shirts also make a great pairing with these shorts. They can also be worn with a simple heel or strap sandals, as well as all-white sneakers.

10. Knit Tanks

While it might be a surprising material to find in a tank top, these simple shirts are both breezy and extremely comfortable. They perfectly balance the need for a soft, breathable top with enough weight to handle a chilly apartment interior. Knit tanks are a great option to pair with skirts of all varieties. They go particularly well with a pair of ripped light-washed jeans and flats.

Whether you choose to prioritize comfort this summer or make every outfit a statement, there are plenty of great on-trend options to choose from this season. Be sure to find the trends that suit your personal style.

Clothing Companies That Go the Extra Mile and Give Back

The phrase “money talks” has always been associated with big money makers, but the reality is everyone has power if they wield it effectively.

Even people with small dollars can have a significant impact on the world, and all it takes is investing time to make financially wise decisions. Thankfully, there are companies out there that want people to take that power and channel it towards good causes in a simple way: by buying things people already buy.

One industry that is doing this is the clothing industry. There are a number of charitable clothing companies out there attempting to help people give a little more by buying a cool shirt or other similar necessities.

If there ever was an easy way to give back, it is by buying from a company that gives back on behalf of the customer. The following are a few examples of companies with a big heart that understand the value of giving.


This company is as heavenly as the name implies because it tries to switch up every seven days by focusing on a new charity. The company actively looks for charities and ensures that seven dollars from every purchase goes to the charity the clothing line belongs to.

Most of the clothing has slogans that are cleverly linked to the causes they represent. Some of the lines have focused on ending human trafficking, while others have focused on preserving nature.

People who are interested in giving back and showing it should definitely consider becoming patrons of Sevenly. There is bound to be a cause or several causes that might be of interest to a person.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida or Pure Life is a company based out of Costa Rica. The company embraces the idea of simplicity with every accessory design. Their most popular accessory is the bracelet, which tells the whole world the wearer is embracing the concept of living in the moment.

It tells everyone the wearer is willing to slow down, and enjoy the beauty tucked away in those moments most people seem to ignore. The bracelets and other accessories are simplistic enough to add a touch of understated style to any outfit.

Buyers also love that the company gives back in several ways. For one, the company only hires artisans, which means each accessory supports locals. The company also does its best to give to all sorts of charities, like cancer prevention organizations to suicide prevention organizations, just to name a few.

Amaani Collective

Amaani Collective is an exclusive jewelry line of beautiful earrings and other pieces that would look wonderful on anyone. The great thing about this company is its philosophy and how involved they are with the people of Uganda.

The company hires women and uses their earnings to help these women get ahead in life by furthering their education. Customers who give this company a chance should feel happy knowing they get to be a part of a movement in Uganda that is allowing women to gain more control and power in their lives.

Of course, each piece is meticulously handmade, ensuring the buyer he or she will get a piece that is unique. This purchase is more than just an opportunity to wear something unique, and those with big hearts can probably see that.

Tropical Penguin Clothing

Penguins are going through a lot right now. Their habitat is in danger as more ice caps continue to melt off due to global warming. This is not only chewing away at their shelter; it is also making it harder for them to find food.

The problem penguins are facing feels monumental, and it could make people feel helpless, but that is not the case, especially if a large amount of people decide to help. The Tropical Penguin Clothing company took this concept and created its line of ethically-made clothes.

A portion of the company’s revenue goes towards organizations that want to preserve these magnificent creatures.

A customer can buy penguin shirts like Ivory Ella and feel great because he or she knows a portion of the purchase will go towards saving a penguin or two. Some customers who really love the idea of binding together to help further this cause have purchased some of our penguin clothing to give away to friends or family members.


Serengetee is another one of these amazing charitable clothing companies that helps customers do more. The company focuses on making sure every item is made from fabrics from around the world.

The founders knew that artisans around the world who focused on ancient ways of producing fabric actually help their communities. Most of these artisans are simple people who do not own large companies but rather self-employed artists trying to do their best for their families.

The company takes the fabrics collected and makes everything from hats, tees, to camera holders. The company even sends information about how the money spent in the shop was used so that customers can feel more connected to the causes they have supported.

Visible Clothing

The Visible Clothing company is tackling another issue that many poverty-stricken countries face: unfair working conditions. There are many big box companies out there taking advantage of people’s living situations and exploiting them to make clothes they can sell cheaply in the United States and around the world.

Some of these working conditions are terrible and quite dangerous. There are even a few companies linked to child labor. Visible Clothing wants customers to feel they’re doing their part to fight these practices by purchasing clothing that can be traced back to the worker who was treated fairly and paid well.

The company works with great designers that have created a number of lines; for example the company carries a uniform line for regular workers, and it also carries business suits. The charitable company also has a lingerie line and lines for men, women, and children.

Gurus Natural Sandals

Many people do not know that rubber is natural. It can be collected from a specific tree and made into almost anything, including beautiful sandals, like the ones sold by Gurus Natural Sandals.

The company is committed to creating sustainable products from farms that do things right in India. Each pair not only supports local farms and families in India but also promises to plant a tree for each pair of sandals that is purchased through the site. This is a great way to give back while also wearing sandals that are a little closer to nature and designed well.

It should be pointed out that the farms where the rubber is harvested takes a minimalist approach to the way they cultivate and process the rubber.

Not only are the farms careful when it comes to the wildlife nearby; they also use the sun drying method to process the rubber rather than techniques that could end up polluting the earth. Some might find it hard to believe that a pair of sandals could actually mean so much more, but Gurus Natural Sandals has done exactly that.


The fashion industry has done a lot to hurt the environment and people. Good companies like LemLem are doing their part with the help of customers to combat some of the wrongs this industry has committed. This particular company was started by Liya Kibede, who is a supermodel and actress.

It seems like Kebede wanted to find a way to keep the ancient weaving traditions of the women in Ethiopia alive. She wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to do that, but she came up with LemLem, which gave her the opportunity to use those ancient traditions, giving women from Ethiopia an opportunity to continue their work, and give eco-conscious people and opportunity to do more for the world through fashion.

The company launched in 2007 and has been going strong, which has made Kebede quite proud because she knows this has empowered local women. It allows them to attain financial freedom, which helps some of them take additional steps in their lives.

The clothing made by the company is handmade, and they use natural cotton that is comfortable to wear. The lines the company has introduced have all been quite stylish and timeless, making this company a great option for forward-thinking fashionistas.

These are just some of the companies out there doing their best to give back and allow customers to contribute to a good cause. The causes mentioned here vary, but hopefully, that means readers can find more causes to give back to through their choices, which is the point. Charitable companies like these continue to grow, so the likelihood that more will pop up is high, so interested consumers should keep an eye out.