10% of profits will be donated to World Widelife Fund to help in the conservation efforts for penguins.

About Tropical Penguin


We offer a variety of clothing and apparel options to our customers!

We are constantly adding new designs to our clothing. Most of our designs are penguin related, but we do offer other designs under our brand. We want our customers to come to us, because they are loyal to the Tropical Penguin brand and they like the clothing we provide. We are constantly adding more and more products to our lines, from hats to leggings to tees and everything in between. The best part is, it all goes back to help save the Penguins!


What's drives Tropical Penguin Clothing

It started with a simple goal. Make something that is unique, that will help make the world a better place. You see a few brands now a days that give to charitable causes, but not nearly enough. We wanted to find a cause that would drive our brand, and drive our spirits. That is why we chose Penguins.

Our goal became building a business and a brand that would create high quality clothing and apparel, and at the same time, give back. We were going to give back to help conserve the endangered Penguin populations. We have also created a growing Brand Ambassador program, this way we can spread the word about saving penguins to all reaches of the globe!


Why we decided to use Penguins as not only our inspiration, but for our cause

Deciding what was going to be the engine behind our brand wasn’t easy. We racked our brain about different charitable causes and which different “mascots would work. Ultimately, we wanted to chose an animal. I wanted to choose an animal that I have always loved, that I knew could benefit from the additional help. In the end it made Penguins an easy decision. The goal was then to give a portion of each sale to charities that help endangered Penguins.

There are various species of Penguins, all with special characteristics. The one thing that relates them all…endangerment. Penguins are the beneficiary of illegal fishing, Global Warming, and a few other factors. Most of these flightless birds live in cold climate areas. That is to the exception of the Galapagos Penguins, African Penguins, Little Blue Penguins, and the Magellanic Penguins. There are multiple charities that are assisting these awesome animals.

There are a multitude of charitable organizations all trying to do their part to assist the Penguin species. Organizations like Oceana, World Wildlife Fund, and some larger Zoo/Aquariums, have their own initiatives. These are the types of charitable organizations we look for, when we make our contributions. We cannot wait to see how far we can take this and the differences we can help make.

We will continue to grow our brand and provide great clothes for a good cause.


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