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At Tropical Penguin Clothing we saw a void in the clothing and apparel business. The ability to offer high-quality goods that were affordable, but also deliver excellent customer service. Most companies offer one or the other. Great products at high prices or low-quality products at low-quality prices. We wanted to bridge that gap.

We may not be offering cheap clothing, but honestly, you can’t if you are going to make something people want to wear. Good quality materials are more expensive making the end product more expensive. We are doing everything we can to offer low pricing, increasing product offerings, and still deliver quality products that everything can enjoy. We want to make sure our customers show up looking for a good product and leave satisfied. If you ever have something you feel you would like to say, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via social media, our contact form, or a product review. We are always here!

We also give back! A portion of every purchase is going to charities that help with the conservation of penguins. There is a lot being done to help various penguin populations, but more can be done. We wanted to have been doing something for a good cause, so that is why we decided to create penguin-inspired designs that give back. We hope to continue our growth and do a lot of good down the road.

Penguin Clothing Brand

Here at Tropical Penguin Clothing we want to not only be a place to buy clothing, but we want to develop a brand. Tropical Penguin Clothing is going to have its own niche of customers who have a new way to wear our clothing. We want you to buy clothing from us, because you are loyal to our brand, and you love what we do. We have created a way to give back and created a brand of clothing for a good cause. Building a Penguin clothing brand is so different than building a typical brand. People love Penguins and they want to give back in order to help. It’s such a noble and charitable cause, we are glad to be part of the change.

Clothing for a Good Cause

We want to be a premier place for people to buy Penguin clothing, but not just for our sale prices, but because we support a great cause. We want people to understand that we aren’t the only thing on this earth and those other living things are valuable pieces of our ecosystems. Penguins are an endangered species and that is why we created this Penguin related brand. We realized the need for a change and we wanted to make a brand that had Penguin related clothes, and the idea just developed. This clothing might generate revenue that goes to a good cause, but it will also help create a place where people can have their own input on what’s to come. We have a new idea here at Tropical Penguin Clothing and we want to push our brand out there through online portals.

Penguin Related Clothes

Our online store will be a place for people to come express their ideas and help our future growth. The great thing about it all is that it will be helping a good cause in the meantime. We sell everything from women’s leggings and yoga pants to Tropical Penguin menswear and tote bags. We have an ever-expanding catalog of products, and we really don’t plan to put a limit on the Tropical Penguin shirts, apparel, accessories, and other clothing that we sell. If a valued customer comes to us and says they would like to see something added to our online store, we will do what we can to make it available for sale.

Not everything that is requested will become immediately available, and it may take up to a year for some items. Tropical Penguin Clothing will do everything we can to make sure people are satisfied with their selection of products and variations of the clothes we have for sale. Whether it be a Tropical Penguin branded shirt, or another new clothing item, or something other than clothes, like an accessory of some sort. We want to make sure customers are always coming back to our online store seeing new items and getting great experiences from our brand. We don’t want to just create a sale and leave the customer unsatisfied. Tropical Penguin Clothing wants to create a sale and then see that sale all the way through to the end.

Being the first Penguin brand to give back

It was honestly a surprise to us, to be the only Penguin brand of clothing out there that was giving back. I just don’t think that people are aware of the vital role Penguins play in our world’s ecosystem. There are brands out there related to bees, elephants, turtles, and so much more, but a Penguin brand was left off the list. We aren’t sure if what we do will ever really make an impact, but if we don’t try then we will never know. We are just so excited to be a part of this change and we hope what we, and everyone else does, can help make an impact. So, if you want to get a look at some of our Penguin branded clothing, then get started shopping!

A Brand That Gives Back


Tropical Penguin Clothing is going to be based around a premium customer experience. You will not only buy clothing online from us, but you buy a customer experience like no other. We are constantly trying to build on our Penguin related brand and engage with our customers. We want to make sure what we have for sale is meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations. That is why we do what we do here at Tropical Penguin Clothing and will continue to get better and develop our brand. Our new online store will continue to develop Tropical Penguin brand clothes and continue to offer great sale pricing.


Our Penguin brand apparel


There are between 18 and 22 penguin species on the planet. More than half of them are vulnerable to extinction because of loss of habitat, climate change, commercial fishing, overfishing the species that form their diet, marine pollution and the introduction of predators. Sadly, this severe decline in the wild penguin population is directly traceable to the actions of human beings. Fortunately, concerned organizations, like ours, are taking meaningful steps to bring penguins back from the brink of extinction by raising funds through the sale of penguin shirts, penguin clothing and other types of penguin apparel.


Buying Tropical Penguin Clothing Makes A Difference


Here at Tropical Penguin Clothing. Our goal is to raise awareness of the plight of penguins in the wild and raise funds to help the endangered penguin species. We do so through the online sales of our unique penguin centric clothing. Some of our most popular items include penguin t-shirts, penguin menswear, penguin shirts and a wide array of penguin apparel. We work with individuals and charitable organizations interested in organizing and supporting fundraising activities designed to help bring many species of penguins back from the brink of extinction. We make helping penguins easy.


A Global Problem With A Simple Solution


Penguin populations in as far flung corners of the planet as the Artic, the Antarctic, Argentina, Australia, Chile, the Galapagos Islands, Gough Island, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and the remote Tristan da Cunha Islands are all threatened with extinction. With our online sales of penguin apparel we offer a simple yet effective way to raise some of the funds needed to begin to address some of the issues that have made 12 of the 22 species of penguin on the planet endangered and vulnerable to extinction. Individuals or organizations can buy our penguin brand clothing and apparel as part of our ‘Save The Penguins’ fundraising efforts.


Saving Penguins Through Online Shopping


With any type of penguin brand clothing you purchase through our website, we donate some of the money to assist endangered penguin populations and help to raise awareness of this serious, but preventable global problem. By simply purchasing and wearing a penguin t-shirt from us, you are helping to save the lives of these beautiful, flightless birds. Whether you purchase penguin menswear, penguin shirts or any other type of penguin brand clothing or apparel, a percentage of the money you spend on our unique online clothing brand goes towards rebuilding penguin habitats.


Unique awesome designs for a unique creature


Penguins are unique, beautiful creatures. Penguin fossils from 60 million years ago proves they survived the mass extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs. But our negligence could wipe them out in the near future. Our penguin t-shirts and apparel features unique designs with a penguin-centric look. It has never been easier to support an endangered species and look good doing it. Whether your penguin brand apparel features the 16 inch tall Little Blue Penguin or the four foot tall Emperor Penguin, your money can help both species and many others to thrive.


The Perfect Gift


When you purchase a penguin t-shirt or penguin menswear from us to give as a gift to someone you love, you are giving a gift to the penguins as well. Nature gifted the penguin the black in its coat which blends with the dark murky depths and provide effective camouflage from predators above it and a white belly that blends with the bright surface and hides it from predators below. But nothing has been able to protect penguins from mankind. Nature compels penguins to return to the place where they were born year after year. Man’s destructive hands is wiping out their habitat and making it impossible for them to return home to nest, breed and nurture their young. Purchasing penguin apparel helps to support rebuilding the penguin’s habitat.


Show Your Love For Penguins


When you purchase our shirts, t-shirts, menswear and other types of apparel at our online store and walk around with our awesome designs, just know everything you purchase helps penguins. If it’s something as simple as our Simple Penguin Tee or our “Save the Penguins” Tee, every one of your purchases will help raise awareness for these little guys.


Help support our charitable clothing


Tropical Penguin Clothing looks to help a very noble and charitable cause, but not at the expense of our customers. We are always working to create new products and provide better service to those who wear our penguin clothing and apparel. It is very important to us to continue to adapt to the changing marketplace and as such, we like to hear from our customers. If there is something you are looking for or something you would like to see in our shop, then please reach out and we can see what we can do.

What we know about penguin endangerment


Did you know Emperor penguins have 100 feathers on each square inch of their bodies? That’s the highest feather density of any bird species and helps them to cope with freezing cold weather. The penguin’s vascular system is highly developed and warms the bird’s extremities warm using a unique countercurrent heat exchange system. Using high-resolution satellite imagery, scientists have been able to count penguin populations in inaccessible areas and realize their numbers and habitat is dwindling at an alarmingly high rate. Unless we take concerted action to counteract the damage, this unique, beautiful bird will disappear from the earth.


A Wide Selection Of Clothing And Accessories


We offer a wide array of beautiful, comfortable, versatile, penguin-themed clothing and accessories that can enhance your wardrobe. They include unisex ‘Save the Penguins’ t-shirts, camo print sports bras, women’s Racerback tank tops and penguin crop top tees and beach towels with sunflower prints, Llama print clothing and summer striped everything! We also have Hawaiian floral and ethnic abstract print bikinis. You can look good and have fun while supporting a worthy cause.


High Quality, Affordable, Goods


When you purchase our excellent penguin brand clothing like our stylish penguin shirts and shorts, a stunning penguin t-shirts, or any type of penguin menswear or women’s wear items or accessories, you can tell right away they are made of high quality materials. They feel good against your skin and will last for years. Our great prices mean anyone can afford to purchase comfortable, attractive, Tropical Penguin apparel, clothing and accessories, enjoy using them and help to save the penguins.


Excellent Customer Service


We strive to satisfy our customers by offering great products at low prices. Part of our excellent customer service is giving customers the wonderful feeling of knowing they have purchased quality products they enjoy using while helping an endangered species to survive. Buying Tropical Penguin clothing and accessories ensures you get good quality products at affordable prices conveniently delivered right to your door. Knowing their purchases support charities involved in penguin conservation activities helps customers leave our website feeling proud and satisfied. So if you ever have any questions or concerns about your order a product, then don’t hesitate to contact us.